Traffic Paint | Chlorinated Rubber

Federal Spec: TT-P-115E, Type III
No Track Dry Time at 77F and 15 mils wet film thickness: 15 minutes 
Common Applications: Auxillary Markings, Crosswalks, Parking Lots, & Streets

Chlorinated-rubber formulations are more durable than alkyd based paints, provide high performance, quick dry times, and excellent durability on a wide range of road surfaces at competitive prices.  We offer various grades of chlorinated-rubber products to meet our customer’s needs.  If it’s a State Specification, a Federal Specification, a hi-solids product, or a personal customer requirement, we can offer you a product that will meet your needs.  

We pride ourselves on the color retention of our lead-free chlorinated-rubber products.  If you’ve ever had a line “bleach out” in the sun, you need to try chlorinated-rubber zone marking paint.

Average application rate for parking lot striping is 320 LF of 4" line applied at 15 mils per gallon. 5 Gallon pails standard. 

For complete drying and minimum dirt retention, lots should be closed to traffic for two hours minimum after painting.

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