Trailer Mount Thermoplastic Premelter | TP1500

TP1500 Thermoplastic Melter is the heavy-duty contractor solution capable of suppling multiple thermoplastic applicators.  TP1500 Packages are available for truck mount OR trailer mount complete with a 360M handliner and storage area for pallet(s) of thermoplastic,.
The burner system is controlled by a solid state, electronic thermostat. The TP1500's combination of reduced  heat-up time, the numerous safety features, and Trantex high quality  ensures operators are safe and have high production capability for many years.

Standard Trailer Features Include:

  • Four LP Bottle Racks
  • Propane or diesel powered
  • Handliner Loading Ramp
  • Safety loading doors
  • Direct fire or oil jacketed

Optional Features Include:

  • Hydraulic Lift Gate (in lieu of ramp)
  • Hydraulic Crane (in lieu of ramp)
  • Trailer mount
  • Die storage racks
  • Overnight heating system
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