Measuring Wheels

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Measuring Wheel | RRT12

The RRT12 is a premium gear and shaft measuring wheel system packed with every feature you would ever want.

Measuring Wheel | MP301

The MP301 Measuring Wheel sports a durable tubular steel frame and a center-aligned handle for optimal balance. Featuring a collapsible design, this measuring wheel utilizes a 5-digit clicker with large numbers for improved readability.

Measuring Wheel | MP401e

The world's sturdiest electronic measuring wheel and the easiest and most comfortable to use. It will stand up to the harshest conditions.

Measuring Wheel | RR182

The RR182 Measuring Wheel is typically used in short run and indoor applications these products are compact and very reliable. It's easy to measure curved, horizontal and asymmetrical surfaces.

Measuring Wheel | RR30

The RR30 Measuring Wheel holds its shape better than metal and it's stronger than a spoke or die cast wheel. The weight of the wheel makes it easier to use and more accurate on rough terrain.

Measuring Wheel | RR318n

The RR318N Measuring Wheel is a heavy-duty, polycast wheel with improved, clean three-spoke design.